The mind is a terrible thing to waste,the mind has a bewildering capacity if properly harnessed could provide capacity that would change the world.Scientist say the brain has energy to light up a street,but the vital energy has not been properly harnessed over the years.The capacity of the mind is lush with energies trapped in space to the depths of the earth.
Albert einstein only used a little portion of this and we got the relativity theory other world thinkers have constantly used the power of the mind and imagination to open up capacity at varying degrees.

Despite, the giant strides made,Man is still caught in a quandry the mind can do more but its capacity ,constantly hampered by neferious thinking in terms of absolute unrealism,we struggle with a societal idealism,rather that self discovery ,Hence we are caught in a simplistic struggle,when this happens we do not tap into the wells of our intuition.We let society rule the mind,when the mind is suppose to shape society.Martin luther King once affirmed that the best ideas never see the light of day due to little distractions. This begs the question of distractions and idealism to quash distraction.
The mind will always be in a battle,question is who holds the ace?