image The politics of chicken dates back a long time. In ancient times chickens were used as a sacrificial item and was revered by most religions,Infact it was said that chickens were used as objects of foretelling the future of a battle.Hitherto it was sacred until the Americans made a big PR campaign on how to improve the poultry market,It was called “chicken for tommorow” which had the trappings of a well articulated and calculated spin operation for the advancement of poultry meat.It should be said that the emergence of chicken was as a result of the second world war that precipitated the scarcity of beef and pork.Hence chicken meat was the viable alternative,the chicken PR machine was further heightened with national contests all around America to breed chicken with the biggest breast,Billboards and advertorials sponsored by government agencies and companies like A&NP further cemented the dominance of chicken as the No 1 choice of meat.Everybody has now jumped on the chicken bandwagon about 22billion chickens roam the earth from kisangani to kathmandu with majority of the worlds population consuming about 13kg individually a year.In four years time chicken meat will be the No1 source of protein in the world. So much so that every superbowl weekend Americans consume close to 500million chicken wings.The white meat ,healthy meat mantra has also helped the chicken brand,thousands of dollars constantly ploughed into making vaccines to fight against avian flu and other strains like the H5N1.Today the poultry industry is worth billions of dollars,yet another testimony to the power of PR.The politics of chicken!