Normally I would not get excited over everything not because I don’t want to be but,because we live in a world where the wow factor is fast becoming the fake factor.All the stories of great efficacy and versatility are quickly swept under the carpet of excuses when you finally use the product or the service.Infact,some say I am that waiter that never waits,but recently I took to plunge to wait on something,at first a very daring move,owing to my hitherto insatiable search but this was worth it in many waysInfact I dare say this was a good wait.

On hearing about the new tecno,I got very excited about the possibility and I was hitching to have it.A lot raced through my mind with expect ions steadily turning into this anxious wait for the new Tecno and trust me it was palpable.I wondered what it would look like and what it had in store in me

The New phantom

I remember that day vividly a very exhilarating experience,when I received the new Tecno phantom.I dare say the device received me.At first what struck me was the  design because design is something I pay close attention to for me the art and excecution of the design was marvellous and I was there startled about innovation,the champagne yellow colour and the lovely pouch for it was pretty much butter on my bread.And on unboxing the finesse in creation started coming out

My crazy ride

As it is with everything good it is only natural to explore,this I did almost all day, only when appointments came calling I stopped and the new Tecno phantom was up to the task of my finger assault.the finger print scanner was my first stop exploring this was an experience as it was sleek and highly responsive this I found fun.

After registering my finger print then the ride continued to checking the design and outlay of the camera,which gave me ample time to explore style and creativity

The attention to details that spanned all the edges was breathe taking for the lack of a better word and my amusement was the sleek design of the volume rocker

Handy …

In exploring I found some very striking features and this was one of them .the functional pouch that kept important needs as to the use of the new phantom, we all know we can be careless sometimes with our SIM cards and this problem the functional pouch design just solves accurately 
Another was the picture quality and when I took it for a spin.I found something stunning

Intent is key……..

The story of the phantom dates back,with every release the innovation was set on a free course,with success in sight.Dont get me wrong I am not preaching infallibility here,I am not saying everything is uhuru,but challenging the status quo,will always be the preserve of the great and Tecno  has done this over and over again.They have preached the core gospel of creativity which is audacity with the new phantom,Tecno has placed a demand on everyone,the demand is “you have a right to be heard” so speak and they listened with the best technology and the oomph to raise the bar,with cutting edge unboxing experience was a startling one as I constantly looked in amazement at the ability of techno to do the right thing,this you can expect from a company with a robust R&D department as of this amazement was immersed in a 3G ram,giving a roaming leverage of 32G rom with effective display laced with great functionality,effective fingerprint scanner,robust 13MP back camera and a 8MP front camera waiting to be explore,I keep on asking why is techno raising the bar and their response was the people deserve ease.pretty much reminds me Lao you quote from the art of war “the ease of winning matters”.Tecno has put ease in your hands please take it!