Since the start of the world billions of years ago, the need for constant innovation admist daunting challenges and unspeakable strive has always been palpable,we cannot forget the advant-garde proliferation of marginal credit,that at first created a boast in the stock market and finally crashed it in 1929.The unregulated wrecklessness and financial gymnastics that lead to the financial mess.But a case would always be made for thinking,some will say the capacity of thought brought about innovation across all fronts to create the Renaissance we all celebrate.It should be said that the cycle of thought spans the Age of reason:where citizens challenged thought with the passion to get better across all fronts and this happened,New ideas sprang up and innovation lead the frontier to break the barrier of dogma across all fronts including religion,we sought prison as an alternative to burning people up on stakes!the juggernaut rolled on into the Industrial Age with a blast of coal and the steam engine,horse power and  light rays travelling through our technological exsistence.

Our quest for whale oil,lead Edwin drake to discover rock oil ,we call crude oil today,but this reduced our quest for alternatives to improve our lives and new emperors emerged the sauds had their share with well 7 in 1938,Saudi Arabia became a formidable player in the world economic scene,Aramco became the largest company in the world churning out 10million barrels of hydrocarbons powering economies but dwindling intellectual property ;the story is told of Nigeria discovering oil at oloibiri
Development and innovation grew larger than the cedarsin lebanon,we forgot that nothing lasts forever and we turned the economy around ,made it oil dependent,stopped our activities “agriculture in Nigeria declined because of the oil” and we took the easy road we even called it “black gold” ,but if you forget the tale of the cycle of thought then you cannot grow in all regards little wonder,OPEC countries did not grow beyond oil,their leaders squandered resources and gave subsidies as dividends of democracy our,political stop gaps for opponents.

While this was happening,forecasters understanding the mundane unsustanability of oil started innovating,Silicon Valley was birthed , with innovation it became that valley to provide buffer for the slide of oil in all and carefully rest  the abolished tale of thought despite the neglect due to fossil fuel, consumerism ranges on, with agreements in all regards from NAFTA to AGORA, the case for thinking was  not made hitherto, the great storm has come the oil glout is not longer a mirage,everybody now knows innovation, a replica of David Bowie’s lazarus.
If your game is up ,you think of the next game to play.thats the tale of the cycle of thought.