A police officer appears to write out an on-the-spot fine for the womanPolice officers stand over the woman in Nice

A woman is forced to strip off in Nice by police officers armed with pepper spray and batons (pictured). Four burly officers stood over her as she removed a garment protecting her modesty. She was then fined 38 euros (£32) as Nice is one of several towns in France which have imposed a ban on burkinis and similar Muslim-style clothes on beaches. In nearby Cannes three armed officers pointed a pepper spray canister in the face of a 34-year-old woman and told her she was in breach of a new rule outlawing swimming costumes covering the entire body. She said the ‘racist’ officers simply wanted to humiliate her in front of her children and other family members. France prides itself on the secular nature of the state but some feel the burkini ban is becoming a farce.

The woman is then ordered to remove the blue garment. Most of the other people on the beach on a sweltering summer's day were wearing trunks or bikinis

Video has emerged of armed police waiting for Muslim women to come out of the sea at nearby Nice, and then warning them about their choice of headscarves

Four women were fined 38 euros for wearing their burkinis on the beach in CannesThe women were told to pay a fine for wearing the swimwear on a beach in Cannes