The year 1996 my family moved to Delta Steel Company Aladja housing complex….from Warri due to the tribal Crisis there….. The new environment was alien to me, intricate paths and roads with same buildings, in fact I got lost the first day we arrived cos I had to go sew my sandals in preparation for school the next day.

My dad tried his best to help us settle and one of the things he did was to take us out, he took us to “Great Choice” at red house, this was my first encounter with you my brother even if we didn’t encounter ourselves, we were served well, plenty meat in the pepper soup and that monkey, Oh that monkey at your parents joint ……my sisters were happy, it was a landmark outing for them cos they had the chance to see a monkey at close quarters and have fun.

Fast forward years later when my family moved out of DSC but stayed close (Orhuwhorun Road) I entered DSC Technical High School and was always going to my bosom friends house Iroro Agarry, I discovered that place I fell in love with, Great Choice was opposite his house, I was ecstatic “where is the monkey?” I asked, “my dad has brought me here before” I said ….. “that Monkey no dey again O; he Don die; No be them Amaju Monkey?” I felt bad and all, anyways that’s a story for another day….. You ended up being in the same set with me and even had a love interest in my class, I knew you when u were quiet to when u became brutally honest, I and my friends always had your younger brothers back as it is in DSC where we look out for each other.

When you joined the Nigerian Army I was happy, at least one of us is there, I had more respect and admiration for you when Patrick Jowah joined and it was clear to all that you were his hero and mentor….. from afar we heard of your exploits and we were proud….”See quite Amaju O, Shuo, nie Don get mind like this?” That was the usual jibe.

When news of your demise filtered in, I refused to comment, deep down in my heart I knew it was true cos PJ was the first to comment on your post from 2015….. but Lo and Behold, na true, Amaju Don really go, I literally have tears falling down at the moment cos a Hero is gone, a role model to the youths, brought down by the senseless political criminals; I will not give them recognition so I won’t call their name, like someone said, ” like say na face to face, you for fall all of them” , Cowards got you through a bomb blast, Cowards, BascarDeyFools got our brother.

Ain’t life funny, the Warri crisis between my tribe and your tribe brought me to your doorsteps (Great Choice & DSC) now another senseless politically motivated movement claimed your life……
Captain Amaju Jemide, I celebrate you, I won’t mourn You, I celebrate you and other men of the Nigeria armed forces, you are my hero.