My Hire Mainland policy will birth a new department that will partner with businesses in our LG and LCDA to hire our talents and provide IT and internship slots for our student and youth. On our own part, we will ensure talent development is at its peak, building capacities of our youth, unschooled and student even from high school to acquire talent employers (even outside our LGA) wants. Our online platforms will help business  access skilled labour and professionals from our LG and other parts of Lagos.
The opportunities are huge, Mainland 1 and Mainland 2 (our Yaba LCDA which extends almost to Jibowu) are host to many businesses including Costain West Africa, CCHUB, Ideahub,  Dominos, Banks  and many more. If you have 5 cleaners, 3 must come from our our community, because engagement of the community has security implications for your business.
This will help us create more jobs and cut our employability dependence on civil service (FRSC, LASTMA, etc) openings.Donate to our Campaign, Support the vision