A groom in Saudi Arabia has done one the most unbelievable things to his bride and her family.

Groom Misses His Wedding To Watch Football Match

The football addicted groom had skipped his wedding to watch a live football match, making the bride’s father cancel the marriage.

The groom who was supposed to wed on Thursday at his home in Southern Baha town told his soon-to-be in laws that he wanted to postpone the wedding till the next day for some important business that came up.

It was later discovered by the bride’s family that the groom had lied in order to travel to the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah to watch a football match.

“After discovering the groom’s lie, the bride’s father decided to cancel the marriage and reject the groom on the grounds he is a liar and could not shoulder marital responsibilities,”  Arabic newspaper ‘Sada’ reports.

Can this happen in Nigeria?