president Muhammadu Buhari’s supporters believe he is a victim of diabolical machinations

– They said enemies of the president are distracting him from the arduous task of leading the nation with illness

– President Buhari is currently on medical vacation in the United Kingdom

Ardent supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari believe that the president is a victim of “diabolical machinations.”

Buhari, a victim of diabolical machinations - Supporters

Is President Buhari under a spell?

This was the submission of the president’s supporters when Daily Trust spoke to them recently on the medical vacation of President Buhari.

Nasiru Aminu, a resident of Katsina, said many people were deploying diabolical means to distract Buhari from concentrating on his duties.

His words: “The president was not as frail as he is now when he assumed office in 2015, that time, he was extremely agile and focused but he is no more himself now and we actually see the devil at work

Aminu said Buhari’s adversaries had deployed “prayer merchants to cause curses” that would make it difficult to concentrate.

“The opposition to the president is not just from southern Nigeria because hundreds of so-called Mallams are being sponsored to Saudi Arabia and other places to pray against the success of the president,” he added.