Increasingly there is a new trend of populism in the world,a trend that is pugnacious and raging like a bull in a China shop.The sad thing is what populism does is to destroy what wasn’t broken.

The first incursion of populism was in the late 1800 in America,after the economic crisis and then it was the Chinese that was accused of stealing jobs and as at 1905 there was a law that lead to the mass exodus of chines people from America and this plundered the economy. It was lead by Dennis Queney although he never ran for politics.

Another sequence happened in France in the 50s with Pierre poujade leading a populist movement started with the fight for taxes and protection of the the common man (le pen campaign slogan is in the name of the people).The UDCA was formed and won 52seats in the 1956 elections.Intact one of the youngest Parliament members jean Marie le pen is the founder of the populist movement Front national.Front national is the party  of le pen the xenophobic and nationalist leading French party that preaches hate calling it nationalism.

The first litmus test this year,would be Holland with Geert wilders leading in the polls(He represents the freedom party ideology of nationalism).There is an impending wave of deportation to go on in Netherlands once Geert wilders is elected,his target is the Moroccans.

What we should do!

We should fight the populist ideology with a progressive ideology and make the world understand that we cannot live without one another.USA can’t live in isolation to mexico.There is a need for geopolitical cooperation and strength ing of ties that bond countries like the EU.what we should do is to discuss the models that make trade agreement skewed which is an important weapon in the hands of the populist and fix those distortions.


We should find alternatives. And we have that in Emmanuel Macron a young progressive Europhile ready to restore the furtures of a dwindling nation and correct he past.#enmarch is the real revolution, populism only destroys and never builds that is why we should all work to stop its rise.