The president of Nigeria today should resume after a 51 day due to I’ll health but as he resumes there are some cardinal things he needs to do to ensure he is successful

1.Have talks with the Niger Delta. There need to be a lasting solution to the Niger delta umpass and as the president he needs to get on top of the matter to ensure a lasting solution. Even if he can’t visit the region he should call for talks with them.

2.The economy he should become market friendly and less antagonistic towards the market.For Nigeria to increase FDI foreign direct investment.  It must constantly ensure that it develops a viable and robust market in the west African subregion. He should bring about policies that improve trade and direct the customs to relax some of their antagonistic policies to enhance the market.

3.Tackle the famine in the north.Agricultural subventions should be disbursed to the north to cushion the effect of famine.1.8 million Nigerians are starving in the north.These should be his priority.