Consequently I have an emotional attachment to the town and when I hear that a son or daughter of Ife is in trouble or is in any way hurt or harmed it hurts me to the marrow. This is because the Ifes are more to me than just my kinsmen. I consider them to be part of my family and deep down I love each and everyone of them whether they be friend or foe. Yet despite all this, on this occassion, I am constrained to set emotion aside, look at the cold facts and write about this ugly and tragic episode. I compelled to do so out of a sense of loyalty, honor and morality. This is especially so given the fact that the victims in this conflict appear to have no voice and no-one appears to be ready to speak for them. I am ready to be that voice. I owe my people, history and posterity that much and I have no apology for doing so. The crisis in Ile-Ife started when a group of Hausa Fulani men molested and physically abused a young Yoruba woman by the name of Kubura and almost killed her in the process. She went home covered in blood and when her husband, Akeem (a leading member of the NURWT in Ile-Ife) found out what she had been subjected to he went back to the Hausa-Fulani quarters (commonly known as Sabo) with her in tow to find out why she had been subjected to such barbaric treatment and who the perpetrators were. On getting there instead of being received with sympathy and remorse the husband himself was viciously stabbed and almost lost his life. After that the Hausa Fulanis in Sabo went on the rampage killing many sons and daughters of Ile-Ife their host community and in the process they proceeded to behead a young Yoruba man and they paraded his head on a pole through the streets. This infuriated the people of Ile-Ife and they retaliated by attacking the perpetrators. After that all hell broke loose and many Hausa Fulanis were killed. I have been reliably informed that at the end of the day, a large number of Hausa Fulanis were killed and buried in mass graves whilst an equally high per centage of the houses in Sabo were burnt down. The Ifes lost also lost heavily in the conflict. This is a tragedy of monumental proportions for each and every one of us. The casualty rate on both side is unacceptable and I wholeheartedly condemn the taking of human life for ANY reason unless it is in self-defence. As sad and tragic as this event may be we must point the fingers at the right places and place the blame for the conflagration where it belongs. Many have failed in this respect. For example instead of blaming the aggressors for the crisis and the carnage and warning them to stop killing our people and raping and beating our women, Governor Rauf Aregbesola has been shamelessly begging the Hausa Fulani and saying such an attack will never take place again. It is right and proper for him, and indeed all responsible leaders, to call for restraint, to sue for peace and to encourage people not to break the law or take the law into their own hands in the name of retaliation and I must commend the efforts of our most reverred traditional ruler, his Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11 in this respect. However it is equally important for Aregbesola to condemn the aggressors, the wife-beaters, the rapists and the murderers and to tell them in simple and clear language that Ile-Ife, the source and cradle of the Yoruba race, or indeed anywhere else in Osun state or the south west is NOT the sort of place that they can commit such atrocities and get away with it. We are not Southern Kaduna or Agatu in Benue state. We find it difficult to sit by idly and watch our people being slaughtered in cold blood. And neither do we bow down before our oppressors. There is something deep in the Yoruba spirit and soul and particularly that of the Ifes that resists and rebels against injustice, brutality, barbarity and subjugation and the history of the Yoruba proves that. We are slow to anger but irresistable in battle and the fact is that for one hundred years before the British colonial masters arrived on our shores we were fighting brutal civil wars against one another. We know the tragedy, the pain, the terror, the evil and the horrendous sacrifice that comes with war and conflict and though we avoid it as best as we can, we never shy away from it once it is forced upon us. Worse still the youth of Ile Ife, many of whom are veterans of numerous Ife-Modakeke wars, are hardened and battle-ready any day and any time. This is indeed a potentially volatile and dangerous mix. In this respect relevant and insighful are the words of Oloye Gani Adams, the leader of the Odua Peoples Congress (OPC), when he said, just yesterday, that “the Yoruba cannot be conquered!”. And if anyone has any doubts about that they should consider the sheer courage and unconquerable spirit of a loyal anf faithful son of the Yoruba like Ayo Fayose, the Governor of Ekiti state. This is where Aregbesola missed it. This is what he appears to have forgotten and this is what slipped his mind. This is the point that he failed to appreciate and instead of doing so he chose to tread the disgraceful path of servility and appeasement whilst sacrificing the lives and interests of his own people. Though I am a firm believer in the right of self-defence, I do not seek to incite anyone to violence and neither do I advocate, condone or encourage it in any shape or form. I am simply stating the facts and pointing out that it is important to call an aggressor an aggressor and call a spade a spade. My old friend Senator Rabiu Kwakwanso who is the former Governor of Kano state then entered the ring and made matters worse. He went to Ile-Ife, met with the Hausa Fulani community and had the nerve and effontry to tell Aregbesola that our people must pay compensation for the killing of his people: sounds familiar? I remember General Muhammadu Buhari’s words to Governor Lam Adesina in 2001 when, after a conflict between the Hausa Fulani and the Yoruba in Oyo, he asked “why are your people killing my people?” Kwakwanso came to Ile-Ife 16 years later, demanded an answer to the same question and asked for compensation! What a gratuitous insult this is delivered at a time when everyone is suing for peace and calling for calm. If the truth be told who should pay compensation to who? Who is accomodating who? Who did the attacking? Who killed first? Who drew first blood? Whose land and soil is it and who are the guests and visitors? You come into a man’s house and enter his land and you start killing members of his family and people and then you ask him to pay you compensation? Does this make sense? How many people did the Fulani compensate after they slaughtered the indigenees of Southern Kaduna, Benue, Enugu, Abia, Delta,Taraba, Lagos, Plateau, Kwara, Kogi, Adamawa, Nassarawa, Niger, Edo, Ebonyi, Ondo, Ekiti and numerous other states in the country in their own land? How many did they compensate after the sectarian and barbaric killings of Christians and southern Muslims all over the north over the last 56 years? How many did they compensate after the pogroms, mass murder and genocide perpetuated against the Igbo all over the north just before the civil war in 1966? Who should apologise and who should compensate who? Honestly I cannot stomach all this. It would have been better for Kwakwanso to start with an apology for the beating, raping, carnage and barbarity that his Hausa Fulani brothers indulged in and unleashed on their generous and accomodating hosts before the fighting started. Do some people have a greater right to life than others in Nigeria? Is the blood of some more precious than the blood of others? Do the lives of the Ife people mean nothing to these people? Does anyone not feel a deep sense of outrage about what the Hausa Fulani did and how this whole thing started? Are we supposed to brush it under the carpet out of fear and our accursed desire for peace at ANY price? How do we expect the woman that was beaten and whose husband was almost stabbed to death for attempting to defend her honor to feel? How do we expect the family of the young man that was beheaded and the families of the other Yorubas that were killed to take all this? Are we not dancing on the graves of those that were slaughtered for no just cause? What does that say about us as leaders and as a people? Are we not meant to defend the weak and stand up for the oppressed and the defenceless? Do the people of Ile-Ife, a proud, gentle, kind and accomodating people with a rich and distinguished heritage, deserve to be visited with such violence from their guests and such contempt from their leaders? (TO BE CONTINUED). 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Like AbiodunOmonijo @AbiodunOmonijofrom Twitter8h Note that Kwakwanso came to check on HIS PEOPLE in Ìfé after the crisis, Southern leaders should stop deceivin themselves when southerners.. Like AbiodunOmonijo @AbiodunOmonijofrom Twitter8h …get killed in the north. Like AbiodunOmonijo @AbiodunOmonijofrom Twitter8h But did Kwakwanso really suggest that compensation should be paid for the hausas who lost their lives in Ìfé. Who pays for the Yoruba then? Like iko_2015 @iko_2015from Twitter10h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK your stories are outdated we want solution not incitement. Like olusola4joshua @olusola4joshuafrom Twitter10h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK let the Hausas n fulanis go compensate the victims of southern kaduna crisis. Let them keep shut here. Like ChukwuaniPhilip @ChukwuaniPhilipfrom Twitter10h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK When will the Biafrans be compensated by Hausa Fulani Nigeria for the incessant attacks and pogrom against her ? Like OlatunjiDavid18 @OlatunjiDavid18from Twitter15h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK this is not about promoting violence is telling the truth what is good 4 taye is good 4 Kehinde Like omorogiec @omorogiecfrom Twitter15h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK My beloved Sir, you just inspired me again and I believe so you did to many more! Keep writing we are Awake to ACT Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h The pattern of most riot-instigated events as seduced by blood thirsty Fulani faggots. #Kano #Zaria #Aba #Enugu.. Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h Their monstrous agenda is seen in their egocentric sense of monopoly for violence. Why so? Bloodline of terror Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h Who would believe that this barbarism does not smell of BkHaram? They are Cliches of same bloodline and as such, supportive of terror. Yes. Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h This is with the aim of proving that Nigeria’s territoriality belongs to them. It’s on this premise that Buhari has made a tyrant of himself Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h If the pattern since 1960 does not inspire you for #Exit, then excuse me to say you are imbecilic. Oh! Or Fulani Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h Lives have been lost. I mean, Tens of thousands to this group that has contributed nothing to Nigeria but radical belief and kleptomania. Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h Cursed be the grave of Lugard the Lizard! May his generations and allies be drunk in their own blood and faeces. Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h For their many crimes against humanity. This isn’t about education or civility.It’s about sincerity and Truth. Lives have been wasted in the Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h in the most brazen manner. Why talk to me about civility? Where was you when all these took place. Your criticisms better be directed aright Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h Human life is sacro sanct. Impunity with violent acts is condemnable. Nigeria’s pseudo unity is HIGHLY condemnable. Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h I know someone who visited Hell in search for Lugard the Lizard. I’m sure he’s doing his best shot at him there. Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h And I know another who’s waiting up on the q*en down there. Nigeria is a depopulation tool against Christians. Like BiafrXit @lighthouseoperafrom Twitter15h To this, there is no solution but EXIT. It’s the only rational arm of survival from those and them.It’s time to renegotiate our terms. #Exit Like UbaHussain @UbaHussainfrom Twitter15h @vanguardngrnews @vanguardngr Fani is lying this isn’t exactly what happened. Compensation must be paid to the victims. shame on Yoruba. Like Koolme001 @Koolme001from Twitter15h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK there isn’t any justification for a wrong act both the fulani and the people of ife Like adewale7292 @adewale7292from Twitter16h @vanguardngrnews hmmm. There is no way to that that settlement Like akuchie_charles @akuchie_charlesfrom Twitter16h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK As a man who lived and schooled in ife, i witnessed ife people to be a very reasonable and accommodating people. Like akuchie_charles @akuchie_charlesfrom Twitter16h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK Like Vicky_Pope @Vicky_Popefrom Twitter16h @vanguardngrnews @aminuibnadam26 @realFFK I dont understand why this has been allowed to continue this long? Like SJimoh @SJimohfrom Twitter16h @vanguardngrnews Blessed D peacemaker, when D duty bearers & gate keepers are workn to promote peace ethnic entrepreneurs flame anger/hatred Like gabriel_aneba @gabriel_anebafrom Twitter16h @vanguardngrnews True Son! Like SJimoh @SJimohfrom Twitter17h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK two Wrongs not equal one Right! Like woleadesola @woleadesolafrom Twitter16h @SJimoh @vanguardngrnews @realFFK Are we saying that some of us are more equal than other? Like SJimoh @SJimohfrom Twitter16h @woleadesola @vanguardngrnews @realFFK far from it, bt rather than flaming anger/hatred Dt can lead 2more violent let promote reconciliation Like woleadesola @woleadesolafrom Twitter16h @SJimoh @vanguardngrnews @realFFK How do you promote reconciliation on the platform of impunity and injustice? Like SJimoh @SJimohfrom Twitter16h @woleadesola nobody should ever condone them, bt as Yoruba says words can lead to slap &/or Kola. Promoting peace/reconciliation good4all. Like Emmyjhtjohn @Emmyjhtjohnfrom Twitter6h @SJimoh @woleadesola all dis your tweets r nt meant 4us y not go to dose who ad walk d ground of it and preach yur so called peace 2 dem Like JoyJoyvillez @JoyJoyvillezfrom Twitter16h @SJimoh @vanguardngrnews @realFFK By favoring one side every time? Like Okusajo @Okusajofrom Twitter17h @vanguardngrnews #IStandWithYou Alaafia Like OLOWONIYITaiwo2 @OLOWONIYITaiwo2from Twitter17h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK Like sowarid @sowaridfrom Twitter17h @vanguardngrnews @realFFK @vanguardngr interesting read. Like EmmaNworie @EmmaNworiefrom Twitter18h Another powerful piece frm @realFFK. @AfricaNewsPress @radiobiafralive @DawdMark @Nmezuma @DavidVFarrell @maira203 #EXITNIGERIA Like HOME NEWS SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT RELATIONSHIPS POLITICS FORUM #VANGUARDTRAFFIC CONTACT US TEXT SIZESMALLMEDIUMLARGE Vanguard NewsA Nigerian newspaper and Online version of the Vanguard, a daily publication in Nigeria covering Niger delta, general national news, politics, business, energy, sports, entertainment, fashion,lifestyle human interest stories, etc © 2017 Vanguard Media Limited, Nigeria

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