Colours… Colours… Colours…
It is of a fact that colours resonates with creativity, and creativity with the fashion industry. So much that it could pass for a ‘colourful industry’.
As a designer, most of my collections are inspired by colours in-and-out of season. Whether plain or a mixture of colours, when I sit to assess or think of a collection, the first thing that comes to mind is the colour that would best interpret the design. And when I’m asked what inspired the look, collection, or design, I simply say colours…
Colour symbolises alot of things, and as a designer I draw different types of inference from it. Also, it is my believe that each colour recapitulates a personality-type of its own -a reflection of moods, identity and season.
Imagine a world without a variety of colours, if all we had was just Black and White -Very boring I suppose. Well, I personally love colours and all the energy they radiate.
However, there are times when i wear a certain colour prior to a dress code, job description, but mostly as a result of how I’m feeling at the particular moment.
Colour expression begins from the inside before it is finally expressed outwardly.
Take a look at the following:
° Fashion Shows
The nature of colours used on the runway relatively gives an insight to the kind of show you are in for. It could as well give you an idea of the collections the designer is possibly going to showcase.
While a High fashion couture collection poses a classic and a more serious look, a Kid’s fashion show, poses a brightly coloured collections, prior to the fact that it has to be fresh, fun and bright.
You can definitely tell from the colours.
° Work Place.
In the cooperate environment, colour is equally of a great essence. There are rules to be followed, which might not necessarily align with what you feel like or want to wear.
Examples include Legal and Medical practitioners, who are mostly expected to wear a specific colour prior to the nature of the work.
Imagine a lawyer walks into a court room wearing a lighter-shade of pink suite. Or a pilot wearing a green blazer, red shirt and yellow pants, I bet you would take him for a joke.
Nevertheless, the thought of a pilot comes with a white shirt and a black trousers.
In Winter, people turn tend to put on darker colours. It’s like a dark time, people hadly have time to think of bright colours when it’s cold.
In Autumn, it gets a bit warm and we see alot of browns and Chocolate worn.
In Spring, alot of fresh colours are worn like lime green, yellow, blue. People begin to warm up for summer.
Finally, Summer is here and it’s a happy time for everyone, all kinds of colours are worn. The rainbow comes to circle. I guess that is why everyone looks forward to summer holidays.
‌So you see how we draw different kinds of emotions from colours.