1. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Oko Egan Area, Ilogbo Eremi Badagry Lagos State

Be careful before you buy any land in Badagry. So may lands there are either under Government acquistion for either tourism or other purposes. Dont fall victim to Land scam artists selling land to unsuspecting people. Remember the Nigerian Police demolished over 500 houses for building on their lands sold to them unsuspectingly by Land fraudsters


ALLEGED OWNERS: Isaac Obanla Oduji Family Land


STATUS OF THE LAND: Firstly the Sellers claimed that they were the owners of the land from time immemorial and there has been no form of Government interference in that land ever since. They claimed to own all that vast area of land and it was free from encumberance. Bottomline, select your plot and pay cash. Upon Investigation, it was discovered that the land Falls within Ogun State, not Lagos and it has been acquired by Abia State for Agricultural Purposes.


RECOMMENDATION: I swear anybody that has land there or intends to buy land there should just be ready to turn their House to a Palm Tree Plantation for Abia state very soon. Avoid buying in this Area if you value your Bank Account


2. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Off Unity Road, Cooperative Villa Badore Eti-Osa Local Government Lagos State

Cooperative Villa Badore Ajah


ALLEGED OWNERS: A Previous Buyer trying to offload his land secretly to an unsuspecting buyer


STATUS OF THE LAND: The Agent representing the Seller took us to the place and showed us the land. He claimed that the land belongs to his Client and that the Seller bought it from the Omoniles some years back but he intends to resell it now because he wants to travel. We asked him about the documents and he showed us a deed of assignment from the Omoniles, A survey plan, receipt and a copy of the Badore Gazette which he stated that the land falls into. Upon Investigation, it was discovered that this land falls within the COOPERATIVE VILLA GOVERNMENT ALLOCATION SCHEME.


A defective Land in Badore that was offered up for sale by a fraudulent seller as a Good Land not knowing that the Land was inside the Cooperative Villa Scheme. Buyers Beware

RECOMMENDATION: How these Omoniles do these things baffle the hell out of me. How did they forge a deed, survey plan and claim the land falls under the Badore Excision only for us to find out that it falls within the Cooperative Villa Government Scheme? These Crooks won’t go unpunished and I feel so rry for those who have bought lands there ignorantly that would never have the opportunity to perfect their documents.


3. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Igbanko Village Badagry


Buying a Land that has been designated for Agricultural purposes is the quickest way for your house to get demolished when Government is ready to use that land.

STATUS OF THE LAND: Owners of the Land were so adamant that there was no encumbrance on their lands. They showed us a perimeter survey showing the particular portion of land they intend to sell. Upon Investigation, we found out that the Land falls under NTDA ROYAL PALM SCHEME.

If you buy a land that falls under the New Towns Development Authority ( NTDA) You are practically finished. I can't help you. Avoid being a victim of buying an NTDA property please


RECOMMENDATION: Mscheewww….Some of these Agents and Sellers of Dubious Lands in Badagry need a gentle pat on their heads with a Hammer. That’s all I can say about this lot. Be careful when buying a land in Badagry that isn’t verified. Remember it wasn’t too long ago that the Nigerian Police demolished over 600 houses there when they discovered that Omoniles resold their lands to Unsuspecting buyers.


4. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Oko Agbon Village Ibeju Lekki Local Government Lagos

Avoid buying a Property from this area especially with lands from that Real estate company with its signboard unless you are just buying Wahala for yourself at Oko Agbon Ibeju Lekki.


ALLEGED OWNERS: Talemu Family Land


STATUS OF THE LAND: This particular search is very funny because it was been marketed by one of these real estate developers looking to attract people to buy into their estates through an instalment plan. They have swanky fliers showing how the estate would look like and showed me a perimeter survey of the land they bought from the Family. They claimed to have sold a lot of lands to prospective buyers and very soon the caterpillars will come to the land to clear the place and deliminate the roads. We asked them what accompanying document they have and they told us that they have applied for the gazette and the Excision is under processing at the Land registry at Alausa.

As Usual we don’t take their word for it until we confirm it and our Investigation revealed that this land falls within the IBEJU COASTAL CITY RESIDENTIAL SCHEME.

oko agbon 1


oko agbon 3

oko agbon 4

RECOMMENDATION: Na wah o! How a real estate company would be deceiving people to buy lands in a place where Government wants to build a full residential scheme like Jakande Estate or a G.R.A is just too callous for comfort. See some pictures of the area so that you don’t mis-waka to go and buy there too o! Money don enter bush for the people wey buy here. Confirm!


5. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Oko Olomi Ibeju Lekki Lagos State


STATUS OF THE LAND: This is a strange case of back and forth Investigations. The sellers were confident that their land wasn’t under acquisition and they have duly applied for for a Gazette which they were sure the Government would approve. They gave me their Gazette file number to search and upon investigation I found out that they indeed do have a file number to process their Excision. A further search at the Surveyor General’s office showed that the land is under Government acquisition and the land falls within a government allocation zone.

The Sellers didn’t want to believe and rained curses on me for spoiling their market. I advised them to do their own search and they later confirmed to me that their gazette will not be processed and that it was just carrying file number for nothing.


RECOMMENDATION: No comment. The only advice I gave my client was for him to use his 2 left legs and run from that community until they settle their wahala.


6 . LOCATION OF THE LAND: Gbelero Street Ikola Ipaja


STATUS OF THE LAND: The Sellers claimed to own the Land that they intended to sell to the Client. They showed us a Survey Plan mapping the Whole area in their name including receipts. Upon Investigation, we discovered that the Land offered for sale Falls within IPAJA NEW TOWN SCHEME


RECOMMENDATION: Its Unbelievable how brazen and devious these sellers are when they claim to own lands that are free from problems but when a smart buyer decides to investigate the Land with us, we end up finding these gigantic redflags. How the Sellers packaged a Government Scheme to Sell as their own to an Unsuspecting buyer perplexes me.


7. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Off Adegbenro Street, Ifako Gbagada, Kosofe Local Government


This has to be one of the toughest searches i have ever encountered. The seller was over confident and extremely condescending. He was so sure that this property was a good one and that the documents they had were very good. He bragged so much about the layout and deed of assignment he had and dared us to do a search. Well, Omonile lawyer loves a dare and upon an Investigation into the man's stories and documents, we ended up finding out that the Land was a very bad land and under Mende Revocation. When we told the man, he didnt know what to say and just fizzled away. If my client has fell for this man's braggado, false documents and lies he would have just thrown away N14Million Naira for no reason. Please be wise and conduct a search before you buy any land!

ALLEGED OWNERS: Alhaji G.A Adegbenro Previous Buyer trying to offload his land secretly to an unsuspecting buyer


STATUS OF THE LAND: The Agents were really forceful and threatening the Buyer to pay up quickly unless he won’t be able to secure the land. He was to pay almost N20Million for that plot of land but he was wise enough to conduct a search with us. The Sellers where so confident that the land was good and even flaunted the Layout used to sell these lands to unsuspecting buyers. Upon conducting our Investigation on that land, we discovered that the Land falls within the COMMITTED MENDE REVOCATION.

RECOMMENDATION: The Buyer was so happy with the news and quickly informed them to go shove their land up their A***ses. He couldn’t believe all the noise, stress and wahala emanating from the Sellers camp to buy this Land could actually mean that they wanted to sell him a Committed Land. Men these Land fraudsters are getting bolder by the day! Buyers beware o!


8. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Ujora Apasa Street, Allied Gardens Estate, Badore Eti-Osa local Government


STATUS OF THE LAND: The Seller happily introduced us to the land and gave us papers showing ownership of the Land including a Badore Gazette, A deed of Assignment Obtained from the Family and receipt showing full payment. He was very confident that the land was a Good land and even told us that he was processing the Governor’s consent presently at the Land registry so we should rest our minds. I asked him to provide the file number of the Governor’s consent he was processing and he brushed my questions aside comically and questioned if I was even a lawyer with all my foolish questions. Anyways to cut the Long story short, our search revealed that the Land he intended to sell to our client falls within the 300 HECTARES LEKKI GOVERNMENT ACQUISITION IN BADORE. When we told him the status of the land, he just demanded for his papers and walked away. Apparently he knew that land was very bad but he was waiting to see if we would discover this faux pas.


RECOMMENDATION: This Badore is something else sha! All those beautiful houses surrounding Badore and very few people having good documents living in fear. God will grant their prayers one day and Government will ignore them and look elsewhere to demolish and acquire. If you live in Badore and you don’t have complete papers, can I hear a resounding “AMEN” from you? Lol



9. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Along Monastery Road, Sangotedo Town Eti-Osa Local Government


Land at Monastery road that the Sellers claimed to belong to an Individual but upon a proper land search, we discovered that the land belongs to a company totally different from what the seller intended to transfer to the new buyer. Please Shine your eyes when you want to buy a land at Ajah o more especially along that Monastery road!

STATUS OF THE LAND: The Sellers Claim to own a plot of land along the Famous Monastery road Sangotedo and they bought the land from Omoniles years back and due to cash flow problems, they were desirous of reselling the land. We asked for their documents and they gave us a Jokotade C of O in Sangotedo, deed of assignment and survey plan as proof of ownership. After we decided to verify the land, we ascertained that the Land falls within KINGS COURT MIXED DEVELOPMENT SCHEME.


RECOMMENDATION: To be honest I didn’t think the Sellers were trying to scam my client. They honestly thought that they had a Good land to sell and were very furious when they found out it was a bad land they purchased because they didn’t do any previous search. I really felt sorry for the couple but I couldn’t advise my client to buy a land already zoned else where to a private real estate company.



10. LOCATION OF THE LAND: Oko-Ebute Village, Alatishe, Ibeju Lekki


A  layout about Oke Ebute that claims that the land is free from Government acquisition but upon Investigation we discovered it wasnt and it is a land a prospective buyer would suffer to get his papers from Alausa.