Once the ceremony is done and dusted, many in France will be looking to Macron’s pick for the all-important role of prime minister (expected to be announced on Monday).

Will it be the head of the IMF and former Economy Minister Christine Lagarde? A poll issued last week suggested she would be the most popular choice. Some analysts say the fact she has never actually been elected may qualify as part of Macron’s political renewal.

Other names that have been linked to the post include current Defence Minister Yves Le Drian, MEP Sylvie Goulard and centrist François Bayrou.

Christine Lagarde


Could it be IMF head Christine Lagarde?

One last look…

Just before Macron’s arrival, outgoing President Francois Hollande stood on his balcony and took one last look at the palace grounds.

The meeting between the pair has run longer than officially scheduled…

REGARDEZ – Cette incroyable image de @fhollande au balcon de son bureau, avant l’arrivée d’@EmmanuelMacron à l’Élysée


Nuclear codes part of the handover

Reuters reports that the private meeting between Mr Macron and Mr Hollande includes the nuclear launch codes being transferred.

France has some 300 nuclear warheads, according to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Attendees wait in splendour

As we wait for the speech, attendees stand patiently in the palace ballroom – and a few of them have shared views of the interior.

Au tour à présent de la famille d’EMacron de se placer : ses parents, les enfants et petits enfants de BMacron. @LCI