A gold fish they say has no hiding place and this is the story of growth and development in all ramifications, And if you ask me there goes the story of satya!An Indian with a global heart,leading a global dynamo of positive change called Microsoft.


The story of satya is cast in the rubric of the greatest story tellers like the Greek mythology. It has found its way into the epic line of inspiring and daring tales, which has many sides to it like the cornucopia horn!.As you read on, it beckons on you to choose your twist of inspiration and fortitude. As a lover of Rock music.It strikes a semblance to U2’s Moment of surrender.Where the Irish man stated “I have played with the fire and the fire has played with me in return” this pretty much lays credence to the fierce experiences and the journey of innovation for satya!


The passion behind innovation and evolution of a 40 year old company to meet the effervescence of trend and dynamics in the world we live in and most especially the volatile technology space has been the hallmark of satya’s surjourn.


In the centre of all of this,is the rise of AI(Artificial Intelligence),machine learning, cloud computing and the  race to tilt the business in tandem with the reality of today, which is the cloud! is the thread that ties every chapter in the book together, the trials and travails are epic.The succinct anecdotes that drives home the point of togetherness and growth of Microsoft are written clearly, Crossing the Rubicon of trend is carefully articulated with the journey from processor 8080,the breaking of the Moore’s law and disruption which heralds every business today,all these make the book an interesting read.


Hitherto,despite the ups and down satya has been the enigma,calm and sturdy fighting on,winning and at the same time learning from the battles,A Stoical lesson reflective of the teachings of buddhism, his will to take risks,reintegrate humanity in the core of business and his convictions for all round development of Microsoft has been Paramount. His ability to take risks and his journey in self discovery pushed him to give up his green card to enable his lovely wife Anu come to America,busting through the queue in the US consulate in Delhi is replica of Hakeem in “coming to America” giving up everything for love but with an innate conviction which is has become the cement that binds his attitude to risk.Anu has been his anchor in the journey of  self discovery , understanding of permanence and coming to terms with cerebral palsy of his son zain.,which has taught satya a lot about himself.


This thrilling read will make you “Hit refresh” as satya Nadella bears it all not shying away from the challenges of the future but faces these challenges with life long lessons he learnt from the cricket pitch.-lessons of camaraderie and preservation.
The book sweeps through 260 pages with different locations like a James Bond villain chase,Hyderabad, Redmond,California all make features in this compelling journey of fears,failures,successes and the vicissitudes of life.But the core message of this book is when you are stuck. “ Hit refresh”