When it was reported in 2014 that google would purchase deepminds an artificial intelligence company a lot people wondered what is deep minds and I am sure they probably didn’t take it serious little did we know that google just bought the future for 500 million dollars the truth is the future has a price

Artificial intelligence didn’t just start today infact the name Demis hassabis
Historically anecdotes states that the idea of actually trying to build a machine to perform useful reasoning may have begun with Ramon Llull (c. 1300 CE). With his Calculus ratiocinator, Gottfried Leibniz extended the concept of the calculating machine (Wilhelm Schickard engineered the first one around 1623), intending to perform operations on concepts rather than numbers.This was further improved upon by Alan Turing computational theory that helped in ending the 2nd world war on time and saving millions of lives.This is to postulate that Man has constantly caught the AI fever.You might want to ask what is AI about


is intelligent behaviour by machines, rather than the natural intelligence (NI) of humans and other animals. In computer science AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.The application is far reaching in every industry possible its like the A-Z of life.kevin Kelly did render a heart warming anecdote on how AI can champion the 2nd industrial revolution in his ted talk.It should be said like there was a nuclear arms race in the 50s now,China has started pushing with tremendous pace,a financial times paper States US and Chinese tech companies alike are ploughing money and talent into AI, but Beijing’s blueprint for investing in artificial intelligence — creating a $150bn industry by 2030 — underlines its desire to beat the US.
While industrial policy is no guarantee of success — contrary to aims, China has failed so far to create global champions in semiconductors or cars — few are dismissing Beijing’s clout in AI, the ability of machines to mimic human thinking and carry out tasks ranging from targeting advertisements to playing Go.
It is also shocking to note China now trumps the EU and the US in

In 2016 China published 4,724 AI papers, while the EU published 3,933 this shows a big disparity.While all of this goes on a lot of improvement has been going on in The success of IBM Watson and deepminds only lays credence to the fact that AI would rule the world Analysts say by 2023 AI would be a 140 billion dollar industry

While all of this is going on I just wonder if nigeria part of this conversation

At first there are salient questions we need to ask?

We need to have an holistic review of the digital conversations in Nigeria to be in tandem with World realities and this leads to the conversation on a sustainable digital policy.The ministry of technology needs to drive inclusion of companies in AI and drive adoption and set an holistic roadmap for AI

Some questions I want to ask,how many AI papers have been generated on AI from Nigeria in the past 20 years and how can we improve that,what is our curriculum saying about AI and how can we improve Artificial intelligence a stitch in time saves nine