I  hitherto had glowing thoughts of Four point by Sheraton as respectable brand.

Alas! I was wrong , It was the same old monkey ramshackle business, of lack of quality that had successfully masked it’s ineptitude all these years.

Prior to this time,I had made constant copious complains about the hygiene situation and the terrible situations prevalent in the hotel .I encourage you just go to their toilets or check the rug in the lobby close to the snack bar.  My debacle  with them started yesterday when I went to take a meeting there as I would seldom do due to proximity.


I went for a meeting there about 9.10am with the intend of attending three other meetings  and I was prevented from leaving.(they ruined my day at 9.30am) They  wasted four hours of my time,the issue was,when I drove in I wasn’t given a tag and I asked the security man he retorted saying No Problem. In fact I had visited same hotel on two occasions without  getting a tag so I thought it was only natural. After my meeting,I set out to leave  the premises due to other pressing engagements and the security prevented me from leaving and claimed I stole my own car and embarrassed me with all sorts of ignoble terms  in front of my business partner. I asked  for a CCTV footage to buttress their claim and they declined (I needed to prove my innocence) So I provided my vehicle particulars and told them to let me go and they said I had to sign to get my car. I  asked to see the Manager and they said he can’t see me because he is busy and he is a white man and I am a bloody  black man.(That was the vibe I got for Mr John, He was so proud to let me know he boss was white)

A certain Mr John  who had a tag on,with the inscription the Head of Room services was so arrogant and constantly said very ignoble things,In all fairness I think he was out to make a bad situation worse. (I swear he was quite illogical too ) constantly affirming -it was protocol to deny me exit  while I was in niggling distress, another member of staff Aduonola kept making light of the situation, and It seemed like a circus show to her .I contacted my lawyer and he talked to them, but Mr John was adamant that I would have to sign to get my car,He further affirmed  that only those with an FG plate number had immunity and all exemptions. I asked them to produce a CCTV evidence that I stole my own car and after waiting two hours they couldn’t and the Manager would not see me. I equally demanded an apology they said  no that I was not deserving  of one .I am shocked at this appalling service from the hotel with very poor hygiene,I thought the service  industry  was  suppose to be a bastian of service, but it obvious  that seeking  quality service  in Nigeria  is like seeking an insurrection.