It was with pump and pagentry we welcomed tstv and we did wish them well when they started despite the boggling doubts about the service which was itemized I was received with a lot of vile comments when I stated the truth that all the things tstv promised would not be delivered


At first I re iterated the fact that tstv was a tv box replica of the off market box sold on amazon that was designed to be a cheaper alternative hence the need for Internet data and the free internet they gave people to run the system

Another very scary part of all these saga was how the information minister was hoodwinked into this business  (in some climes he would lose his job)the information minister also went ahead to give tax breaks I was pushed to ask under what law was would a mere minster  just give tax breaks and couldn’t even investigate properly about the business before joining the band wagon .Only to think that the lunch of the product was beamed live  on tv.

Furthermore the gamut of showing premiership games was very insincere and phony.Dstv currently own the rights to show the premiership in Nigeria and that’s their cash cow and this rights are really exclusive if you recall in 2007 when an indigenous satellite company got the right for the premiership for about 40 million dollars Dstv did bite the bullet and there was no song and dance about their loss,in fact Hitv soared that year and Dstv counted their losses before they got the license back a year after for about 100 million dollars currently they hold the right reports reveal that SuperSport has paid £296 million for the 2016-19 Barclays Premier League broadcast rights in sub-Saharan Africa, The Mail Online reported.
This would have cost MultiChoice around R6 billion in August 2015 when the deal was signed. So for tstv to show the premiership through bein sport a middle east based channel on a Sub-Saharan African license feels like a porcupine hugging a cactus.

Prior to this time bein (a Middle East sport channel)has sent strong warnings against tstv and this was further heightened when their error message popped up on tstv screens but tstv said it was sabotage which was so funny to me.Even with the arsenal of funds Strive masiyiwa has with kwese tv he is not showing premiership and he is gradually building.

With all of These challenges it was pretty obvious that the tstv network was phony but more painful was our continuous celebration of mediocrity at the expense of integrity we are all in support of competitors in the market but when we keep having subservient competition it just strengthens monopoly and Nigerians should learn to ask questions and remember we deserve better.

A stitch in time saves nine