The birth of a new nation was stirred in 1980 with the emergence of Gabriel Robert mugabe in rhodesia.Mugabe had just won and election against two strong rival Rev miscerawa(a clergyman that had headed the transitional government of Ian smith)and Thomas nkomo,who had fought in the ZANDLA army.
While the elections results tricked in,the Zimbabwean people where so happy ,but the dismay was palpable with the Caucasians as they feared the worst,which did happen.
Mugabe was a teacher in Ghana when the independent movement started and he had greatly admired the works of osegeifo kwame Nkrumah and other patriots ,This propelled him to asking salient questions of the incumbent white majority government lead by Ian smith,this lead to the bush wars of Rhodesia that caused a blood birth on great proportions in Zimbabwe, but all of this pain was all gone when Mugabe made his triumphant entry into Salisbury to take the reins of power.
A lot of changes and conciliatory moves did follow,the capital was change to harare from Salisbury, and Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. Equally over the years the changes continued the white farmers where  “changed from their land”,and the people of ndebele where dealt a blow by the 20,000 massacre of the people of Matabeleland which Mugabe did to undermine his opponent Thomas Nkomo who was an Ndebele.This left a gulf in the nation and the seeds of rancour only started to grow as Mugabe stopped at nothing to destroy anything in his way.He became a magufuli of some sort.This destruction culminated into a damaged economy and 5trillion percent inflation rate the bread basket become a basket without bread.
While all of this went on the ZANU PF became a corruption front as Mugabe ensured that all the diamonds in the marange field became Mugabe diamonds.He continued to amass wealth until he became bloathed and he did this with a lot of Grace and Gucci,
Apparently he had been in a relationship with Grace marufu while he was still married to Sallyhafron and when sally died he married Grace, and Guccigrace became a replica of Macbeth,possessive,ego-centric and constantly causing chaos,Her ambition became the Achilles hills for Robert.
As the Juggernaut moves on with Emerson,there are many question questions that needs to be answered. Who would be the next leader,after Emerson and Constantine (there is a likehood of the vice presidentEmmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa) and Head of military constantine chinegwa living out Mugabe’s term
Who are the key stakeholders?  Tendai biti, Morgan tsvangarai and co. And what are doing?
The tribal sentiments between the Shona and Ndebele needs to be revisited and reparations needs to be made to the people of Matabeleland.
It should be stated the Zimbabwe has only ousted Mugabe not mugbanism,mugabenism which is the structure and ideology of Mugabe and his warlords at the ZANU PF that has greatly permeated the country like a cancer.this would take time to erase from the mentality of people,as this can only be erased by a firm developmental program, that is all inclusive and would aid the people of Zimbabwe.
I wish Zimbabwe well but this is not the time for celebration, it is a time for work.