There is a constant need to make wonderful presentations in every area of our lives,It might be in the schools, conferences, religious organization and concerts.
It has to be said what makes a good presentation is dependent on many things and I would give those tips in this short essay.

Making a good speech has several layers to it, and like the master of public speaking Cicero says it is an “Art”.A good speech takes a lot out of the speaker so let’s get to it.


The most important part of a speech is the message there is an ancient saying that says” understand the topic and the words would flow” -before you speak you need to understand the topic and ask yourself these questions,

What do I intend to achieve with this speech?
How do I want to deliver this speech?

This makes your job easier-that is where research comes in, how well have you researched the topic or the subject matter!



Every speech is intentional,
that is why you need to plan,you need to plan the tenses, tone of voice and language of use.

In planning you need to understand the crowd, the Dynamics that play, you need to plan your delivery and time your execution.


Arrange your thoughts

Ideas always comes with an order of preference-it has to be said this is important for speech delivery.

There is always a primary argument and a sub -argument – this must reflect in your thought pattern & arrangement.
This brings about a great deal of fluidity in speaking, fluidity brings about style and variation! Variety is the spice of life!


Like they say ” life is not a dress rehearsal”but with speaking,you get a chance to do a proper rehearsal.
In this rehearsal,you enumerate and make different inferences of your flow, and what you want from the speech.
You consider timing and speed test yourself.

This would keep you in the mood for the delivery. This would also help you plan different nuisances that would keep your audience at the edge of their seats.
Always remember you are the maestro of every speech.


The speech

In having a great speech you need to feel what you say-that is where emotions come in,just imagine the Gettysburg address by Abraham Lincoln without any emotions.

The emotions should reflect in your voice tone, the words you use, your delivery should collage with your emotions
“Your words should make a tapestry with your emotions”

Speech delivery is a collage of many things but most importantly you make the collage.
After the speech ask for feedback and constantly practice and you would get better

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