In these days of political imbalance,there is a need for leadership that can bring everyone on the path of development.

Veritas:The tale of a sleeping giant by Rufai Oseni seeks to provide that leadership in very uncertain times of our national life.

Great scholars,constantly talk about the power of the pen being bigger and greater than that of the gun and this book vividly points that out.

Rufai tells the story of Nigeria with due cognisance of historical antecedence,constantly searching and pondering on the reasons behind the developmental problems that constantly plagues Nigeria.

In following chapters of the book,He argues about the political Dynamics enundated by Religious and ethnic sentiments.

Chapter 2 of the book, deals with other militating factors against national development which includes corruption and it’s sundry effect on the economy of the country.

The waste and continuous plunder,that has become the raison d’etre for our economic comatose was palpably mentioned.

In the ending chapters, Rufai carefully contrasts between Nigeria and Singapore, Singapore twins Nigeria in it’s developmental challenges, and gives solutions and learning’s from Singaporean story.


The book ends with a Clarion call for national development, calling for review
to our constitution and instituting the rule of law, in a bid to build a lasting democracy in Nigeria.