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  1. Good Day,
    I was just trying to know where i can download the message for last week and today i have been looking for it. Thank You. Your Sunday programme is an inspiration to me, may he reward you.


  2. Good afternoon Ruffydfire,

    I must first commend your effort in spread word of encouragement on
    your cheering program on Sunday, God blessed you immensely and
    abundantly in Jesus name. I am one of your station ardent listeners
    though never call on any radio programmes.

    By introduction i am a trained Chemical Engineer working with MORPOL
    Engineering Services Limited, Apapa, Lagos as Sales/Business
    Development Engineer over 8 years. Also have Post Graduate Diploma in
    Management Science and MBA in Marketing Management.
    Also My able partner though absence is Amarachi Ashimole, a final year
    student of History and International Studies at Imo State University,
    Owerri, Imo State. She is a fervent child of God, lovers of decent and
    decorum in women dressing and empowerment. She is of the same Church.

    I am a child of God by his grace and have a youth pastor with the
    Deeper Christian Life Ministry close to two decades.Based on my
    experience and interaction with youth, I have an enlarged passion to
    extend my reach to their world on greater platform outside the church
    building for wider acceptance and coverage. I am in the process of
    setting up an online radio named The Incubator radio. During my prayer
    in the on-going 21 days fasting and prayer, it was led on heart to
    contact you because i am wary of dream killers. I might not have been
    a media person but a whole lot of my friends are media professionals
    and also convinced with backing of the Holy Spirit and support of
    league of dedicated men of passion for his generation as you have
    demonstrated i can do all things.

    I left a message on your line 08180991991 because i am aware of your
    busy schedule.

    I shall be grateful to hear from you soonest.

    Best Regards
    King Emmanuel Folorunso


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